Japan Championship 2013 (English version) (日本語版)


This page lists the record (paifu) of the final match (consists of two games) of the Japan Championship held by Japan Mahjong Sports Association (JMSA) in 2013.

The tournament was held over a period of three days.

On the first day, July 13th, 56 players, including four from China and one from France, played the qualification round of four games. The best 30 players advance to the knockout tournament rounds on the next day.

On July 14th, 30 winners of the first day and two bye played for the 8 privileges. They are split into 8 tables to play the first session consists of two games. The players on the first and second place of each table proceeds to the next session. The second session is held similarly.

Only eight players enjoy the third day, where they play at The Hotel New Otani. The semifinal session is held similarly to the previous day, and the four winners of the semifinal plays for the Japan Championship title.

Round 1

Round 2


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